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The X Games are a collection of extreme sports, all sports in two annual tournaments, a tournament for winter sports, called Winter X Games, and another for the summer called Summer X Games. The competition was created by ESPN, the number one sports channel in the world, X Games can be seen anywhere on the planet.

What are the most important competitions in the X Games?

Currently the event, between the Winter X Games and the Summer X Games, offers more than 90 extreme sports. It is the largest combination of sports in a single tournament, above the winter and summer Olympics. Although not all sports at X Games are so attractive, but all are highly competitive for the best athletes in the world.

The most important competitions for BMX and Skateboard are:

- Skateboard Park: This version of the Skateboard is the most classic and retro, it is a competition without many dazzling tricks, but with the perfect combination of domain of a park to do tricks and observe the fluidity of the riders while they make the most difficult route in the X Games.

- Vert Skateboard: One of the most anticipated competitions is the vert ramp in the X Games, the best riders, the most famous names, and the most prestigious sponsors. The tricks are of the best repertoires and you can even see new combinations during the competition.

- Big Air Skateboard: During the Big Air only the best tricks are shown, this competition offers a show for skateboarding lovers, as always competing the best skateboarders.

- BMX: All the BMX competitions are important, each of them offers different styles but all focused on the perfection of the tricks by the riders. In BMX it is included, vert ramp, park, street, dirt and the big air.

- MMA , Soccer, Biathlon; football

BMX & Skateboard betting strategy

These two sports are the most sought after by punters, since both are the ones that have the most fanatics in the United States and other parts of the world, both sports represent a culture, and the punters must understand the culture that surrounds these sports for to be able to make winning bets.

- The names are everything: The easy thing to bet on BMX or Skateboarding is that if we go by the names of the most famous riders, those will probably be the winners of the most important competitions.

- Focus on important events: Do not place bets on other sports or events that are not important, since predicting the results in other less important events is much more difficult since the best riders do not compete.

- Make a list of injuries: During the events many riders suffer injuries but still compete, a fall or slight injury can influence the performance of the athlete during the competition, if the rider is injured or has suffered major falls, that should become a negative factor.

Which sportsbooks offer odds for the X Games?

BetDsi offers odds for most events and accepts the bettors of the United States, it is a sportsbook that accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in addition to offering promotions for new users.

Bovada is another sportsbook with all sports betting services for X Games, live betting, coupons and offers. US users are welcome.

Is it legal to bet on the X Games?

It is completely legal, since the sportsbooks that offer odds and betting options for X Games events are legally licensed to operate in the United States and therefore can cover national sporting events to offer them to gamblers without any problem.